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This group is "mostly" unmoderated.

I don't play games. If you hassle me, I will remove you from the community.

The policy is "Be Civil" subtitled (as much as you can).

Read this public post before attempting to join the community


2 other rules:

1. Don't delete your own top level posts if others have commented. That's rude.
2. Don't make posts with comments set to "Disabled". If you want to broadcast a message, but don't want it discussed, don't post it here.

Note that by applying to join the community I will assume that you have read all of this.

You must be an OTO initiate (yes, it used to say "member") to join this community.

In order to read the messages in this community you need to JOIN. Merely watching or monitoring the community will only allow to read posts marked public.

There are a few ways to meet this requirement:

1. I know you are an initiate from my personal experience in the OTO. I.e. Did I meet you at NOTOCON '05 ? Kaaba ? An initiation at a OTO body ? Let me know.

2. Someone I know firsthand to be an initiate writes me an email stating that they "vouch" for you to be an initiate. (I hope people won't haphazardly vouch for people they aren't sure of).

3. You are a member of an OTO only LJ group that I trust. Right now, that is just LJOTO, OTO_Community and Clerk_House.

It is up to you to help me determine if you are an initiate. My time is limited.

If you've applied and not heard back in the timeframe you expected, take a deep breath and relax before you fire off an angry email to me.

Be civil towards me or I will ignore you.

You can email me at: BacchusEternus@LiveJournal.com

Again, the onus is on you to prove that you are an initiate.

Once in, speak your mind. Consider this forum an experiment in free speech in a relatively closed community with the main requirement that you act in a civil fashion towards the other forum members and the moderator. Hassling the moderator will get you booted from this LJ Community.

--- LJ isn't that secure. I'm not personally tyling every single member of this forum. Therefore, it would be unwise to discuss any thing that you should be tyling for.